CroisiEurope Ships

As a family-run company CroisiEurope designs its own ships - each ship has its own decor theme in the cabins, lounges and dining rooms. The company has a policy of continuous improvement to the ships, with recent innovations such as free wi-fi onboard. Most ships return to the Strasbourg base for winter maintenance.

One of the largest river cruise fleets in Europe, capacity on CroisiEurope ships ranges from 84 to 180 passengers in 42 to 90 cabins. Cabins have twin beds or a double bed, with an en-suite bathroom (shower, WC and washbasin). They are equipped with satellite television, radio, hairdryer and safe. Some ships have designated single cabins, or cabins designed for the physically disabled.

All ships have a large lounge with bar, the social hub of the ship, plus a restaurant for meals. The Sun deck has recliners and deck chairs for looking at the panoramic views.

The CroisiEurope fleet can be divided into groups of similar ships:

Paddlewheeler Ships

The latest ships in the CroisiEurope fleet, Loire Princesse and Elbe Princesse have been specially designed to cruise in low water levels.

Loire Princesse : launched 2015 to cruise the Loire River in France
Elbe Princesse : launched 2016, one of the only ships to able to moor in both Berlin and Prague

Elbe Princesse II : launched 2018, sister ship to the Elbe Princesse II

Lafayette Class

Newly built for 2014, the two-deck ship MS Lafayette is the first of a new luxurious class of ships, with just 84 passengers and large cabins approaching 150 square feet.
Refurbished in 2015, Camargue sails on the Rhone and Saone rivers.

Three-Deck Ships

These larger ships carry up to 180 passengers on three decks, with cabins located on the Upper Deck having large picture windows. The ships also have a lift and an additional lounge bar at the rear of the Middle Deck.

Miguel Torga: launched 2016; Cyrano de Bergerac: launched 2013; Gerard Schmitter: launched 2012; Vivaldi: launched 2009; Europe: refurbished 2011; Belle de Cadix: refurbished 2011; Fernao De Magalhaes: refurbished 2011; Beethoven: refurbished 2010; Infante Don Henrique: refurbished 2010; Vasco de Gama: refurbished 2009; Gil Eanes: launched 2015

The lower cabins have portholes on the Belle de Cadix, based in Spain, and the Cyrano de Bergerac based in Bordeaux.

Two-Deck Ships

These ships carry up to 160 passengers on two decks, the Main Deck and the Upper Deck.

La Boheme: refurbished 2011; Princesse d'Aquitaine: refurbished 2011; Leonardo de Vinci: refurbished 2011; Michelangelo: refurbished 2011; Modigliani: refurbished 2011; Douce France: refurbished 2017; Renoir: refurbished 2011; Botticelli: refurbished 2010; Seine Princess: refurbished 2010; France: refurbished 2010 ; Victor Hugo: refurbished 2010 ; Mona Lisa: refurbished 2010; Symphonie: refurbished 2017; Mistral: refurbished 2007; Van Gogh: refurbished 2007; Monet: refurbished 2007;

Victor Hugo and Mona Lisa are smaller 100 passenger ships built for shallower rivers such as the Elbe and Tisza.

Hotel Barges

CroisiEurope has recently launched a fleet of 4 hotel barges to ply the canals of France. These have 12 cabins, for 24 guests, and are decorated in contemporary style.

Michelangelo in Venice Reception, MS Gerard Schmitter Dining Room, MS Vivaldi Cabin, Gil Eanes Gerard Schmitter